HCM's 2014-15 Season

Our 2014-15 season has now finished and we are taking our summer break. The new season will start in October. Full details will be published here in due course, probably in June or July.

Thank you to everyone who supported us during the past year. Please continue to do so. We need large audiences to enable us to maintain our record of bringing the world's best musicians to perform here in Hull.

Friends and Patrons

A word to our Friends and Patrons. You will appreciate from what has been said above that your help and good will is invaluable. But for your contributions over the past few seasons, I'm not sure we would still be here. No words can thank you enough. You are directly responsible for helping a centuries-old tradition of classical performance continue in a world that seems sometimes to have decided that it no longer has the time or perhaps the attention span for it.

To all our supporters, we look forward to seeing you in October.